Zascar Consulting: quick view


What are we about?

We are a consultancy specialising in business change - translating  strategy  into action.

We offer a blend of consulting, planning and change management skills.     More

The services we offer range from working with you defining a practical strategy to making the change happen.    More

Use us to analyse, facilitate, align, set up   More


Why us?

Facts + facilitation + focus.  There’s a mix of skills, and we recognise the need for coupling useable strategy with solid plans, ownership, the right organisation, and change governance.     More

Recent work

Facilitated a management team in working through strategic issues

Aligned an membership organisation behind the need to embrace new market sectors and invest in doing so

Improved a director group’s awareness of personal styles and implemented changes to improve decision-making

Translated a set of organisation goals into solid plans with accountability and ownership

Crystallised the business changes to create a new retail channel for a bank

Engaged employees in a public sector organisation to develop and own implementation

Designed measures and governance to keep business change moving forward                Other experience




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What clients have been saying

“'In addition to leading the executive team through a structured process of strategy development, he supported the team in developing a more effective way of working and resolving disputes and made significant contribution in specific areas of expertise such as market analysis and change management”                                                       More feedback